James gets a Beetle

Mr Peene from VW Camper&Bus has gone and got himself an ex-VolksWorld feature car; a 1966 VW Beetle.

After constant whining about not owning a Beetle James finally got one! Advertised locally this RHD ’66 was featured in VolksWorld in September ’91 but hadn’t so much as turned a wheel since 1997! Armed with enough spares to recreate the Flight of the Phoniex James and Steve set out in the Panzerfaust support vehicle to resurrect it on Saturday but amazingly all it needed was a battery, coil, new piece of fuel line and some petrol and it fired right up and drove like a good ‘un all the way back to Steve’s!
The plan is to slam, narrow and eventually Fuchs the ’66 and James to use it as his daily driver. Tidying the body will follow as and when…

Below is a short video of  James and Steve getting the car out of hibernation.

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