VolksWorld Show 2011 award winners

We’ve had a week to get our affairs in order so we thought it about time to get a list of all the award winners from the 2011 show.
Congratulations to each and every one of you.

Special Award: Owen Ritchie.11 year old owner of red 1967 Cal Look Bug. Scotland

Prosign Award: Mario Steinhauser. Type 3 Notchback. Germany


EBI Award: Neil and Many Melliard, Prosign Bus. England


‘Best Outsider’ Presented by VW Heritage and Terry’s Beetle Service for the best car in the car park: Steve Tansey. 1963 Riviera Camper Turkis Green


Best Club: Southern Dune Buggy Club


Visitors Choice: Martin Fenner. RHD Oval Karmann Cabriolet

Top 20 Awards

Paul Wilcock (England) – Le Grand Special Edition US Market 1303 (Metallic Blue)


Horst Grubelnik (Germany) – 1951 CCG Split Window Beetle (Army Green)


Chris Lincoln (England) – 1954 RHD Ragtop Cal Look Bug (Dark Red)


Mark Dryden (England) – Meyers Manxter with Subaru power (Yellow)


Karl Hurrell (England) – Full Custom Bug with suicide doors (Turquoise)


Richard Krom (Holland) – 1955 Ragtop Resto Cal Oval (Ultra Maroon)


Heydon Mizon (England) – 1967 Cal Look Bug (Black)


Neil Reed (England) – Bay Window Custom (Metallic Blue)


Tom Brinker (Germany) – ‘Wolfsburg Sunset’ Drag Race Bug (Red)


Johnny Grigg (England) – ‘No Compromise’ Drag Bug (Yellow with flames)


Alex John (England) – 1966 turbo/EFI Bug (Grey)


Colin Nicholl (Scotland) – Split Screen Camper turbo engine/air ride (Brown and White)


Sven Lawitska (Germany) – Drag Race Bug (White)

Andy Holmes (England) – 1962 Type 34 Karmann Ghia (Black)


Boris Schmidt (Germany) – Type 3 Squareback (Red)

Laurence Downer (England) – Empi Imp Beach Buggy (Orange)

Alan Jewell (England) – 1963 1500N Notchback (Gulf Blue)


Peter Köhmann (Germany) – Custom & Speed Parts Type 34 racer

Martin Fenner (England) – RHD Oval Cabriolet (Blue)


Simon Fox (England) – 1963 Type 3 Squareback (Grey with black roof)


Best of Show 2011
Peter Köhmann (Germany) – Custom & Speed Parts Type 34 racer 

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