Brighton Breeze 2012

On Saturday the 6th of October we headed south to Brighton seafront to admire the air-cooled VWs massing along Madeira Drive.
The Brighton Breeze is actually a weekend event, organised by theĀ Split Screen Van Club. It starts at Hook Road arena, near Epsom, on the Friday evening, where a lot of the show goers camp overnight. They then cruise in a long convoy down to Brighton on Saturday morning, which is where we usually join them, along with thousands more onlookers.
This year was possibly the busiest I’ve ever seen the seafront, and although it’s predominantly a Split Screen event, there are lots of Bay windows and other Transporter variations attending, not to mention a few welcome Beetles, Type 3s and Ghias.
Check out our photos of Brighton Breeze below, and be sure to pick up a copy of the February 2013 issue of Camper&Bus for the full write up.

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