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Well, thats the VolksWorld Show done for another year. And what a show it was. Lots of amazing new cars (in fact only 2 cars in the halls had ever been in the show before – one of which was very different the first time around), loads of fantastic people, a huge array of stuff to buy, a spectacular display of old speed cars, the life of the Bay Window celebrated, the anniversary of the  Manx Beach Buggy, Bruce Mayers and Bob Haro doing the rounds and signing anything you put in front of them, Cool Flo doing what they do best… the list can go on and on. Oh and the sun was out. Yes!

You can read the official report below but for those of you who just want to check out our huge collection of photos, you can do so by clicking through the gallery above.

Our list of trophy winners can be found here: VolksWorld Show 2014 winners.

Visit the official show page for more information about the VolksWorld Show 2015

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VolksWorld Show 2014

Our very own show, the big one held at Sandown Park every March.  It’s the place to debut a car and the place to see Europe’s best VWs

Words: James Peene

Now, I’m not one for trumpet blowing, but The VolksWorld Show is without doubt the number one VW gathering on the UK calendar.  It’s got the lot – two floors of fabulous cars (the best from all over Europe), plus I don’t know how many more outside in the club area, the red brick area and in the campsite and car park.  Add in more traders and autojumble stands under one roof than you can shake a stick at, plus music, live entertainment and a truly fantastic atmosphere.

Okay, so that was obviously a bit of trumpet blowing, but I’m not blowing my own, rather that of everyone who built a car, helped organise, sponsored or simply came along, as it’s all of the above who really make the show what it is.

And I know I’m not alone in thinking this year’s show was an absolute belter.  Virtually everyone I’ve spoken to since, and over the course of those two (or, if you include set up, four) crazy days in March agrees that there was just something special about this one.  Perhaps it was the weather?  Sunshine at Sandown always makes the place come alive, especially after last year’s snow. Certainly, there was a general feeling that everyone was there to enjoy themselves, even if it wasn’t just the cars they came for.

Talking of cars, I normally keep myself a little remote from the judging but, as the man entrusted with mumbling into a microphone and handing the awards out this year, I had more to do with the judging than ever before, helping organise the judges, talking them through the process and then collating their marks and making sure every vehicle received a fair crack of the whip.  All of the judges did a bang-up job, in very difficult circumstances, so thank you all for that.

I know I would have found it too close to call on the Best of Show, and I think that us giving out 20 awards, plus a Best of Show, is an indication of just how many top-notch cars are being built these days.

To my mind, there’s a real air of enthusiasm blowing through the scene and everyone just wants to enjoy shows, so with the music from Vision Tech Beats on one side, Cool Flo on the other and Dangerous Dave on the mic somewhere in the middle, there was a real festival vibe.

It was also a place to see some true VW legends, from Colin Burnham’s iconic UK Cal Looker to the man who started the Buggy craze, Bruce Meyers, and old school BMX hero, Bob Haro.  How are we going to top it? Who knows. Come along in 2015 to see.

Photos by: Dan Pullen

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