Erwin Komenda

March 18, 2015 @VolksWorld 0

If it hadn’t been for this man, some of the most recognisable cars in the world, including the Beetle, might have looked very different

Selling the VW

March 16, 2015 @VolksWorld 0

Part of the reason for VW’s global success was its cohesive dealership and servicing plan. Here’s how it was achieved

Understanding alloy wheels

March 13, 2015 @VWt 0

There’s far more to choosing the right set of alloy wheels and tyres for your T4 or T5 than just the design or finish

Split Screen flipped spindles

March 11, 2015 @VolksWorld 0

You’ve heard the term, but perhaps you’re not sure what it really means. Here we show you what’s involved in turning stock spindles into flipped spindles