The Designer Of The Brasilia and SP2 Dies aged 79

VW of Brasils leading Designer and the man responsible for the odd looking Brasilia (Brazil’s answer to the Type 3) and The all talk no walk SP2 has died aged 79. He may not have been as famous as Mr Porsche, but Marcio did some amazing work for VW that he never really got the credit for. I mean could you design a car that looked like it was going 100mph even when it was standing still? And how about designing the ONLY Beetle based replacement to ever be successful?

The son of a furniture maker, Brazilian Piancastelli had his first contact with design at age 26, when he won a contest with sketches of a small sports car called Itapuan. The prize included course of a year Ghia facilities in Italy . After working for Ghia, Piancastelli returned to Brazil to work for Willys-Overland, and when the company was acquired by Ford Piancastelli became Volkswagen , where he performed some of his most memorable designs.

His first project for the German mark was in 1969, when he was commissioned an adaptation for Brazil VW Type III. Piancastelli placed him double headlights lights and endowed him with a little more simple lines, giving life to the VW Brasilia, a product that many considered better than the original.

But his greatest creation was when the brand decided it was time to launch a product to compete against Puma GT . Thus was born on the platform of Type 3 a beast to which Volkswagen called The SP2 .

However, despite its beautiful design, the low power of the engine chosen was an impediment to beat the Puma achieved. A problem VW never really fixed.

So like Picasso, Perhaps your work will now be appreciated. Rest in Piece Marcio

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