Working on your own VW Transporter can be fun and cost saving. Naturally, not all of us are mechanics so the working of a Transporter can be a little daunting. With our technical guides we aim to assist you through both basic and advanced maintenance to help keep your Transporter tip-top and safe, while also giving you the satisfaction of doing the job yourself. From checking your brakes and changing the oil to lowering the suspension and re-mapping the engine, we will be covering everything you need to know.

How to fit bigger brakes to a T5

August 14, 2014 @VWt 0

Big brakes make your Van faster.  Fact.  In a scientific direct correlation, as your stopping distance is reduced, your confidence on the anchors is increased, […]

How to lower a T5

August 14, 2014 @VWt 0

Dropping your T5 is a relatively straightforward job to do at home if you possess the right tools and don’t mind working underneath your Van […]

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