We take a look at the iconic people, cars, parts and brands that have helped shape, develop and improve both the Volkswagen and the culture we all know and love.

The air-cooled engine

June 24, 2015 @VolksWorld 0

The Beetle’s air-cooled engine is a masterpiece of dependable and uncomplicated engineering. It’s no wonder it’s done so much more than just power cars

Franz Xaver Reimspiess

June 10, 2015 @VolksWorld 0

Franz Xaver Reimspiess created the VW logo, designed the Beetle’s engine, tanks, a rocket-propelled Schwimmwagen and the car that became the Porsche 356

Tatra V570

June 2, 2015 @VolksWorld 0

If this 1930’s Tatra V570 look strangely familiar, that’s because it was the car that influenced the Beetle

Thump! Thump!

May 28, 2015 @VolksWorld 0

Thump! Thump! were the company that, in just seven years, came up with some of the most extreme, eye-catching custom VWs to be seen anywhere


May 20, 2015 @VolksWorld 0

Gerhard Oettinger was one of the first people to realise the potential of the VW Beetle and went on to found Okrasa, the pioneer in VW tuning.

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